10 Top 10 Tarot Cards

Tarot is more than a way to “read the future.” It can reveal ways to understand our faith’s historical significance and predict our future. Like ancient prayers, tarot is an art form that explains our struggle to connect with our heart, foreshadows our lives and determines the fate of our soul.

Tarot Cards

These cards offer advice and encouragement when unsure and help us understand the sources of some spiritual difficulty. Some cards assume someone is a bad person and others can be used to express gratitude.

The Sun

Thy may say, Sun, there’s trouble on the horizon. You have said, this is bad timing. You are in trouble or you are changing. You will be in trouble or you are promising something. God has told you this is risky or risky. Help yourself to the safety of a quiet place. Please help your self-love to bloom.

The Sky

Your light may say, the sun is in danger. You are going to be attacked or killed. You will be hurt or frightened or threatened. God has told you you have a purpose.

The Moon

Your Sky may say, you will be hit by lightning, a thunderstorm or a deep storm. Please help your self-control.

The Wolf

Your Sky may say, your life will change dramatically. Things are serious or they are very serious.

The Wheel of Fortune

Your Wheel may say, Things that have been right for you are going wrong. God’s new vision for you is happening, faster than you thought.

The House

Your House may say, that’s why you’re going to be successful, because you’re going to learn what you can about your heart. Your House may be calming. It’s offering you a push. You may be learning more about yourself.

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