Arlene Phillips: Prince Harry’s Sexy New Girlfriend

This is my very first Fox News contributor interview!

You know all about Meghan Markle, her cute tweets and her upcoming royal wedding to Prince Harry!

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But how about this beauty? A woman who actually is British, a night owl and an unconventional role model for modern-day women!

Arlene Phillips is a former principal dancer and choreographer for the Peking Opera and the Royal Ballet. She has been on “Dancing with the Stars” three times. Her credentials? Her iconic work on “Strictly Come Dancing” earned her an Emmy.

She’s also a mother of three young children, British living in Los Angeles, and engaged to an Australian man.

You won’t find any hats on Arlene! That’s a brave, unapologetic and truly beautiful woman at a man’s shoulders. Don’t be afraid to hug her.

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Arlene Phillips is a FOX News contributor. She is an American living in Los Angeles and an accomplished dancer, choreographer and choreographer. Her accomplishments: an Emmy, Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing with the Stars, the Royal Ballet. Her news tip: hug for every person you meet!

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