Asking price: private yachts, islands and more

1 Innsbruck Estates and Services Private Estates, Switzerland On a transformed sailing lake near Lake Lucerne, the 400ft boat is complete with boatshed, microbrewery and restaurant

2 Periscope Private Art Residence, China The world’s largest private art collection, it is outfitted in 53 mobile units providing five daily breakfast shows, 400 private parties and gallery visits

3 MOB Private Beauty and Health Resort, Dominican Republic A combination of a spa, private jet pad and private island, the world’s largest luxury health resort has 36 treatment suites

4 Marly Marina Private Island, Colombia Who could resist jumping overboard from this ship berthed in a private marina on the Caribbean’s southern coast?

5 Trinchera Private Lodge, Umbria, Italy It is large enough to sleep six, while decked out with opulent bathrooms, state-of-the-art facilities and a 55-seat cinema on the bow

6 Club Med Cachagua Private Island, Polynesia Thanks to no fewer than eight helipads on this 59ft boat, guests can dodge obstacles ranging from 10ft waves and a 200ft drop, to killer surf and rogue waves in the shallows

7 Mandarin Oriental Private Island, Equatorial Pacific

13 This sprawling 1,015ft yacht holds almost 150 passengers and 12 crew. The monocoque hull takes centre stage

14 Public Private Island, Swedish archipelago The world’s largest private island boasts seven luxury dome-shaped rooms, a dream cottage, an evening terrace, three swimming pools and an ice cave

15 Jubilee Private Island, Bangladesh You might have to wait until June for a glimpse of this futuristic electric-powered luxury vessel, but it might be worth it

16 Dr Howard W. Brandt Private Island, Montenegro Your rooms all come with the traditional view (heavenly or not) while crew are intent on keeping you entertained on this 1409ft cruise yacht

17 Little Bavaria Private Holiday Resort, Cukorina, Greece A sunbathing deck and 12 lounge areas take centre stage

18 Viking – Rush, Johannesburg The second in a trio of Rush-branded superyachts, this vessel accommodates 147 guests on a 93ft spacious boat with two football pitches, an expansive swimming pool and an exquisite restaurant

19 Norman Foster Private Yacht, Nagoya, Japan Opened in 2020 to be operated by Nakheel at the Marina Magda in Nagoya

20 Paradise private island, Malaga, Spain The opulent luster of this sprawling sand plot only adds to its appeal

21 Hanford Vista Private Island, Marshall Islands Visitors reach this 55ft vessel from an atoll bar and don’t have to deal with waves above 10ft

22 Odyssey Private Yacht, Bahia, Brazil On the Bahia archipelago off the northeast coast of Brazil, these boats boast 5,500 sq ft living spaces

23 Panorama Private Beach, Waikiki, Hawaii This 53ft yacht packs up to 160 guests, along with a staff of 10, into just 200 sq ft of space

24 Ninjago Private Adventure Stateroom, Tango, Japan This futuristic superyacht with a rotationable lounge offers 360-degree views of the Pacific Ocean

25 The Six Senses Explorer, Tahiti For private diving adventures on a landscape comprised of 13,000 acres of untamed sea, Six Senses Explorer is like a 12,000-ft-long boat floating in mid-ocean

26 Pirates Skiff on Starks Bay, Houma, La. Take a trip to explore abandoned island homes as part of this luxury trip

27 The Arts Estate, Costa Lucrecia, Italy This private art gallery was installed in a tin hut on a 400ft-long island in the Italian Adriatic

28 SkyLobe, Guadalupe County, Texas Two private planes dock on this private island off the Texas coast

29 Davos 18-day Luxury Exchange of Choice to Davos from $95,000 to $90,000 per night offers catered luxury and a trip to the alpine ski resort

30 Grand Illusion, Siam Central, Thailand Limitations of this 44ft-long boat mean that there are no crowds but stunning landscapes to spot

31 Hermès Private Villa, Siam Central, Thailand Based in a renovated, seaside temple, guests can relax in this tranquil island retreat

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