G & Y’s U.S. ole Family Cup campaign highlights the brand’s ‘energetic’ spirit

GXEL Juniors The former ‘Housewives of Atlanta’ star was in attendance as the company used the occasion to announce the new ole Family Cup, a 36oz clear and yellow family beverage , with a twist.

As if you needed another reason to do email — particularly when it comes to salivating over food, traveling and cheese — the announcement of G & y’s u.s. ole Family Cup, a new must-have beverage for parents, travelers and adventurous diners, is evidence enough of the unending appeal of the venerable form of communication.

And the company’s decision to go with its sassy, philanthropic brand mascot, “G & Y,” as the face of the campaign is perhaps its best demonstration yet. Every day, the bespectacled designer finds a new “Act of Kindness” — on one hand it’s a nod to the gesture of hospitality G & Y strives to exemplify, but more importantly it’s a recognition that the brand, known for its fun, creative take on branding, offers something beyond merely selling product.

“You need to let it exist in the moment,” says Rita H. Greenberger, vice president of G & Y’s U.S. marketing. “I think a lot of people act like, ‘Oooooh, that’s sexy.’ I think we should be empowering people to embrace it. I think it’s really revealing your personality. I think that’s what people love about it.”

Watching G & Y watch the love rain down on the new U.S. ole Family Cup could be a good way of taking a subconscious route to personal, non-cynical happiness. But it would be hard to go wrong with the company’s U.S. ole Family Cup itself, a classic, zesty summer treat with a crisp white or yellow root. The retail list price is $3.99 (or around $3.50 for the souvenir cup), which works out to about 25 cents a bottle.

It’s clear the market for these sweet, effervescent-green beverages has remained strong and stable since G & Y introduced the ole Family Cup to consumers in 2006, but it would seem as though growth has slowed. The company doesn’t break out sales figures by brand or product, and the Chinese government has long been criticized for curbing the use of online gifting services. (In that case, someone gets really excited about their loved one and sends them an ole Cup.)



But the company’s sales figures have risen and fallen over the years and, according to some estimates, could have seen their greatest growth in 2016, on par with growth the previous year. “You can’t deny that the marketplace is expanding,” Greenberger says.

G & Y boasts 26 U.S. markets, and brands in its stable include ole Super -Cheeseballs, u.s. ole Reserve and 0.eula, each named for the Greek letters for dandelion and eucalyptus. The company won a Top Industry Supplier spot from the Association of National Advertisers in 2014, which only seems to add to the brand’s smarts, appeal and functionality.

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