Lewis Hamilton Story, from the book)

The News by Lewis Hamilton. Originally published on the times.co.uk website. Lewis Hamilton recalls how he first met his older brother, Nic, which led to the duo becoming major force in motorsport. The book title is inspired by the Odes used during practice sessions.

“Being a professional racing driver is a big responsibility,” explains Hamilton. “In motorsport you only have one season every four years and it’s what you put in. It’s time consuming as well. That’s how you learn about what really works.

“People can have half a plan and then try to come in, get an opportunity and then fail. But they will learn and then they have to work twice as hard to get it back. You know what? That’s the way it should be. There are no shortcuts in life. You need to be pushed to the limit.

“My brother gave me that and it’s why I wanted to do what I’m doing now. We always had very supportive parents, which was really helpful to me. Nic never spoke about career so I couldn’t find out whether he enjoyed it or not. He used to live with his family so if he wasn’t around I’d ask him if he liked it or not. So maybe he did. But I didn’t know until he graduated from university and he came back to the UK.”

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