Lingerie for the other half: what does the jury say?

Q Dear Kit,

I’m a 30-year-old woman with a 32D bust and if I wear pantyhose I feel as though I’m an inch too short. Now, since I wear leggings and shorts all the time, I don’t have to wear leggings and leggings just for pants. Then again, they might.

I love to wear leggings and leggings all the time and I also like to wear pantyhose so I have both options. So with leggings and pantyhose, how bad is it that I don’t feel like a full-figured woman?


Dr Jane Armitage, assistant clinical director at the Harley Street Skin Clinic, says: “As a general rule, if your waist is 34–35 inches (37cm), you can wear pantyhose without any pressure on your knees, but this applies only if you have large hips and thighs and your clothes are comfortable.

“If you think you’ve got these features, you need to think about your pantyhose. As you’ve mentioned, leggings and pantyhose can be very popular – and each company offers the other in a range of styles and colours.

“Leggings are fine for large hips, which is what I would recommend you do. I don’t advise anyone against wearing leggings, but if it is uncomfortable then you need to think about wearing them only in pairs or with a heel. However, it’s fine if you wear pantyhose for work – if you wear flats, like I do, you don’t need to wear pantyhose, otherwise it will make you feel uncomfortable.”

Kate Somerville’s Kate Somerville bikini models. Photograph: Facebook

Nadeem Ehsani, naturopathic GP and founder of the Yoga Medleys blog says: “Leggings are great for large hips and thighs and I do recommend pairing them with leggings or with pads and then with compression. I find that, especially in yoga, that tension builds up in the legs, especially with my gait. It can be so uncomfortable if my knees aren’t supported.

“Pantyhose are good too, especially when you have a warm yoga or running mat underneath you. I recommend wearing a thicker pair. If you don’t want to get into those positions, you can wear shorts with a pantyhose drawstring and tie or just do laps around the track.”

“Any person who has large hips and thighs, even if they are well built, can put pressure on their knees, ankles and lower back. So if you are having trouble sleeping or doing anything like hiking in high heels, which can be quite uncomfortable and uncomfortable, then leggings can be a great addition to help you avoid pain and discomfort, and that’s a bonus, too.”

Dr Mari Asakawa, sleep physiologist at Thomas Landsdowne University in the UK, says: “Stretching and relaxing tight muscles and joints during the day are really important, especially when exercising or performing more intense activities.

“I advise wearing supportive clothing – preferably something that is supportive but not too tight – during exercise to avoid issues with muscle tightness or muscle discomfort. When you do exercise in pants, it can be best to avoid bringing your stretched out or strained muscles and joints to the rest of your body. This may not be practical for some people. However, if you have tight muscles and joints, pantyhose or women’s shorts can help you make sure you do not stretch them further and give you the support and support needed.”

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