Meeting the zoo keepers who love their animals

Written by Staff Writer

Ater Sinc, an Austrian designer, explores an unexpected kinship with the animals on the farm where he works when he creates intimate and beautiful designs for a selection of animals, including this white lion’s coat.

• Introduction: Clucking wildflowers, wriggling pigs and sheep, baby lions, elephants and emus: These animals have a few things in common. They’re all domesticated animals. But perhaps the greatest bond is forged in the farm yard, where, the animals and their humans seem to know each other.

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As a pet-owner, it’s always fascinating to watch the relationships these animals have with their human companions, and it’s easy to understand why people wonder what it feels like to be a part of that emotional bond.

This video explores what it’s like to be in that category, profiling two simian zoo keepers at Gera zoo in Vienna.

Sinc found himself face to face with some of Vienna’s most famous beasts when he was asked to create designs for a handful of wild and exotic animals. The interactions between him and the animals offered a revealing glimpse into the world of animal domestication.

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