REPORT CARD: Jonathan Kanter Talks White Supremacist Parenting And Left-Wing Identity Politics

Jonathan Kanter is your expert advice columnist. He lives in Indiana and offers candid, original, unbiased advice from his home office. He has written several titles for NewsOne including “Hospitality For White People.”

By Jonathan Kanter

Is Jonathan Kanter being fair to America’s reactionaries? Absolutely! That is why I decided to set aside my ideological bias and ask him an inquiry he’s not getting asked anywhere else:

Do you see any symmetry or overlap between the political views of the White Supremacist-tea party fringe and some conservative-indie-rock singer-writer?

First, let’s define the difference between a White Supremacist and a true Tea Party activist. Both groups argue for fiscal responsibility and limited government but, for the White Supremacists, immigration is a primary focus. But while the Tea Party is not a white supremacist organization per se, Tea Party candidates still turn to their white supremacist recruitment playbook to win election.

Back to Jonathan. In his Monday column, Kanter links a recent Pew poll to the lack of representation of their son’s class at an LGBT-friendly preschool. He cites how, by 2018, Trump’s administration will be appointing as many Christian conservative justices to the Supreme Court as Barack Obama did in the two terms. As to Tea Party White Supremacist recruiters, Kanter was contacted by white supremacists when he worked for a Christian art gallery.

So there’s the magic wand. White Supremacists are terrible parents, but they’re bad parents like every other parent, really. (Except that we can’t put this on them because it would be normal, right?)

Kanter is more than fair to his readers because he’s not writing his column for President Trump. I’m referring to our combined 31 years together on a college football, baseball and English team. Both Jonathan and I have been seen wearing outlandish men’s suits on game days, and we’ve accepted fines for our antics because otherwise they get a picture of our team!

Now let’s not let the comparison between Tea Party and White Supremacist get too far ahead of us. Kanter went on to write, “To be clear, I support Trump. He’s making America great again.”

That’s not the same as believing White Supremacists are trying to bring back Trump to America. Kanter’s series of columns were well-intentioned and it’s commendable that he did not take a personal stand on the Islam vs. Christianity fight. It’s not the same as agreeing with them.

Does Jonathan have an agenda? Of course!

Remember, you’re the master of the medium, Jonathan. Whether he’s writing for entertainment website Vox or talk radio, Kanter will always spin it to his advantage. He still has the freedom to use his celebrity to further his political interests, as long as his “own” story sticks out from the rest. It’s not reasonable to insist on Kanter’s unbiased advice when he doesn’t have the same religious beliefs as you.

At the end of the day, Jonathan is still trying to write about our post-racial future. That’s why I love reading his columns.

Yes, Jonathan, White Supremacists are terrible parents. No, they are not any better than conservative Christians and are a grave danger to our progressive ideals.

I’m still on the call.

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