Robert Wagner says new Natalie Wood documentary will find that her death was an accident

Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood&aposs sister expressed confidence that a new documentary about the actress&aposs death won&aposs to find Wagner&aposs version of events — and how she&aposs disappearance and eventual death was a tragic accident. While speaking to ET &apos at a women&aposs empowerment event, Lana Wood said she doesn&aposs expect&aposs her brother&aposs version of events to come out in the documentary, which is said to include interviews with Wagner, his wife, and Hartnett, the boat&aposs captain. She said she expects&aposs her brother&aposs version to be uncovered in the documentary&aposs editing process.

'I&apos agree with everything that was said in the interview and can guarantee that once this documentary is aired, that will be the truth. For so many years, so many people have believed that it was murder. People over the years have thought that that was a murder, but now it's coming out 'it was an accident'&apos, Lana Wood said.

'A lot of people have expressed that it was an accident. That should be the stand-alone truth, that I've always believed since I was a child, that it was an accident. And I&aposve always said that he was responsible, based on what I heard at his home. That's what I knew. I had seen him speak with the police the night before and at the crime scene, and I knew that. My suspicions were aroused and I knew that my brother was responsible, in my opinion.'

Lana Wood said Wagner didn&aposs hide something during a police interview the day after Natalie Wood&aposs death. When she read the transcripts from that interview, which were released in 2015, her suspicions grew, 'Lana Wood said'.

'From that testimony, my suspicions grew higher and higher about the night that my sister died. And what we saw through those transcripts were statements that my brother said that he either forgot or did not recall. That we heard and received from law enforcement in that closed session, so we had hearing in closed session what he said that day, about his understanding of the events, and how he saw what was taking place, or even what was taking place at the time when my sister left the yacht. And those were statements that I saw as a lead. I saw that the statements from law enforcement had been changed, because it wasn&aposs such a concentrated interview — of the investigators, the police, myself and Robert Wagner. '

&apos &apos'I sat at the table with him and listened to what he said. You just hear and see a lack of knowledge. I listened to him so carefully. He has to go through the process of himself, finding out what he did or didn&aposs have to say, and also what he didn&aposs say to my mother when my sister was still out on the boat, and also what he said when the police came for the interview, as far as the questioning, which is what I heard. '

Lana Wood said that&aposs not the last we'll hear about her questions regarding the mystery surrounding her sister&aposs death.'

&apos I&aposve heard so many things, and this documentary will play out some of these things 'there&aposs interviews going on with some of the people who were involved in the investigation that I've yet to speak to, so I&aposve heard things that I&aposus heard that would lead one to believe or believe that, yes, it was an accident. And I want to know why my brother was in a state of just resignation and sadness. Because at that point, he was not making any attempts to find her, and then he said that 'she died in an accident'and it was all over. '

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