The Princess Of Oxford, Meghan Markle and Her Gigantic Suit!

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Ricky and Meghan say hello.

The Duchess of Sussex stopped by the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” recently, where they bid good luck to luckiest slot machine they’ve ever seen.

The casino bandits won big!

Plus, she won over Ellen!

Ricky said “I love you.”

That’s right, the royal highness proved she can play along with the crowd – even if that meant filling in for Ellen in her usual role.

The British bombshell joined her good friend “Ellen” Wednesday, where they talked about Meghan’s upcoming nuptials. Ricky says it’s going to be a hot date.

Also on the show:

— A gallery of their teen romance!

— A look at the crew’s first motocross weekend…

— A well-planned April Fools’ joke!

— And one last look back at their first time on “Ellen” together.

It’s a royally good time!

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